Shenzhen Xinsheng Precision Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in providing various metal and non-metal machining and manufacturing services. Our company can provide manufacturers, businesses and individuals with the fabrication and design of custom metal and non-metal parts and assemblies. The following are the services and benefits that Shenzhen Xinsheng Precision Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. usually provides: 1. Processing and manufacturing of various materials – Xinsheng Precision Company is able to process various materials, including steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, wood, etc. The company can also design and manufacture parts or assemblies in various shapes and sizes according to customers’ requirements. 2. Customized manufacturing – Xinsheng precision machining enterprises can customize manufacturing according to customer requirements. Customers can let machining companies process and manufacture by providing design drawings, sketches or CAD files. 3. High precision and high quality——The equipment and machines used by Xinsheng precision machining enterprises can provide high precision processing and ensure the high quality and consistency of products. Inspection and testing services are also provided to ensure products meet customer specifications and requirements. 4. Improve efficiency and reduce costs – custom manufacturing of parts and assemblies is often more affordable than on-site fabrication and assembly. 5. Technical support – Xinsheng precision machining enterprises usually have professional engineering and technical personnel, who can provide technical support and suggestions for customers and help customers solve difficulties in production or design. To sum up, companies provide customers with various types of precision engineering manufacturing and machining services. Customers can obtain high-quality, high-precision products and save production costs, as well as professional technical support and opinions from Xinsheng Precision Company.




  • 40 Taper
  • 3/4/5 Axis
  • 12k-30k RPM
  • 24-40 Tool
  • CNC-Grinding-Machine
  • CNC-Grinding-Machine-2
  • CNC-milling
  • CNC-turning-1
  • CNC-turning-2
  • Department-of-Operations
  • Engineering-Department
  • Finished-product-packaging
  • Milling-machine-processing
  • Precision-grinding-machine-processing
  • Quality-Inspection-Department
  • Shadik-Precision-Machining
  • Turn-milling-compound-machining-1
  • Turn-milling-compound-machining-2
  • Wire-cutting-1
  • Wire-cutting-2
  • Cnc Four-axis Machining

    We can produce customized various types of precision parts, advanced processing equipment and professional technology to serve you.


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Precision CNC lathe machining, high-speed machining of rotating parts can improve the surface roughness and work efficiency of the parts.

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Let us find the right machine for your company and make it your own part or machine by machining with options and features that suit you.


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